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Brushing your teeth when you go to bed or wake up in the morning is commonplace for most people. It’s an easy habit to form because we already have a morning and evening routine that brushing can fit into. The challenge for most of us is brushing when we are not at home.

I completely understand why it seems like too big of a hassle, but there are actually some very simple ways to make brushing while you’re out and about quick and easy. Here are some quick tips to get you brushing from anywhere:

  • Just keep it simple: You may love your electric toothbrush at home, but you probably don’t have room for it at work. Buy a travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste for a quick, post-lunch brushing session. You can keep it in your desk drawer, car console, briefcase, or makeup bag.
  • While you’re at it… It’s much easier to brush while you are already on your way to do something else. Whether you’re headed to the break room or the restroom, bring your toothbrush with you. So long as you have access to a sink, it’s a perfect time to brush.
  • Keep it discreet: Some people find it a little odd when they see someone brushing their teeth in a public restroom, so be mindful of others. If needed, keep it shorter than normal. Even though 2-3 minutes is recommended for normal brushing, don’t be afraid to do a quick 60-second brush followed by a fresh water rinse.
  • Something is better than nothing: In a perfect world, you’d have the time and space for a full brush, floss and mouthwash rinse, but the fact is that’s not always possible. Just remember that something is better than nothing. Rinsing with mouthwash is better than nothing.

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