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Our West Bloomfield dentist embraces exciting technical advances that improve the patient experience. One of the greatest new advancements in dentistry is the ability to fabricate a crown in one appointment.

CEREC crowns are all porcelain crowns, which means no metal that can make dark areas around the gumline. There is NO TEMPORARY and there are NO IMPRESSIONS that can cause gagging. They are absolutely beautiful and the fit is superb!

After taking a picture with the optical 3D scanner, we design your crown using the most advanced cad/cam software available. After the design is completed, we wirelessly transmit the design to our milling machine. We place a block of tooth-colored porcelain into the machine and the milling begins. This takes approximately 6-12 minutes. Then your crown is bonded onto your tooth.

So, in approximately 90 minutes, you leave with your beautiful new cerec crown.

To learn how you can benefit from CEREC technology, or to make an appointment, please contact our office or call us directly at 248.237.4434.

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